As a god, you have to create an avatar for yourself as a mortal disguise. You can create up to five avatars, of which the first one is your main character. The game ends if your main character is dead, forcing you to restart or load a saved game.

You can switch non-main character avatars for unique companions later in the game.

Traits available for avatars Edit

Ameythevian Edit

  • Celestials (+1 skill level with Fearful Light spell)
  • Unshaken (+1 skill level with Rally skill)
  • Fire Weavers (+0.2 increase in attack speed when equipped with elixirs)

Varuchov Edit

  • Weepers (+2d1 physical damage if equipped with a shield)
  • Frost Jackals (Start with a noble house crest)
  • Horned Ladies (+5d1 hit chance when underground)

Lachovinian Edit

  • Blood Omens (+1 skill level with Feverish Haze spell)
  • Disciples (+5 extra hitpoints at start)
  • Faithful (+5d1 physical and spell dodge chance when fighting humans)

Taratorith Edit

  • Sapphires (+10% extra emeralds when selling items)
  • Onyx (+1 Perception)
  • Citrines (+1 skill level with Linguistics aptitude)

Pasaaren Edit

  • Quezhev (+2d1 physical damage if equipped with a whip)
  • Vestine (+1 Occult)
  • Macha (+5d1 physical and spell dodge chance when fighting monsters)

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