AC - Armor Class Edit

Armor class blocks incoming physical damage. Higher is better. Some skills do damage which bypasses Armor Class.

AS - Attack Speed Edit

The delay between attacks. Wearing heavy armor raises this value. Lower values mean more frequent attacks. Cannot fall below zero.

Cast Speed Edit

The time it takes to cast a spell. This is not the value shown in the character screen! Spells have different casting speeds, which can be found in the spellbook.

CS - Cast Speed Modifier Edit

This value is subtracted from the Cast Speed. Higher is better, for example some wands increase this value, resulting in faster spellcasting. Negative numbers (most likely from wearing heavy armor) mean that something is hindering your casting ability, resulting in slower spellcasting.

DC - Dodge Chance Edit

Chance to dodge damage altogether. Higher is better. Heavy armor lowers Dodge Chance, but increases Armor Class, making it possible to choose between damage avoidance and damage absorption.

SR - Spell Resistance Edit

Spell resistance blocks incoming spell damage. Higher is better.

Stat Modifiers Edit

Characters start with 10 in each stat. For example, the Occult Modifier is the total of points that exceed the starting value of 10, so OccMod for a character who has Occult of 15, is 5. FullOcc is the full value of the stat with the base included. Abbreviations such as OccMod, IntMod, FullOcc and FullInt are used frequently in the spellbook.

HP - Hit Point Edit

1Int= 1HP, 1Dex= 3HP, 1Str= 4HP, 1Occ= 2HP, 1Per= 3HP

(*HP explanation is nonperfectly, so please feedback )