Those endowed with harbinger abilities do not simply follow the pack like a mindless sheep, they dominate and intimidate every encounter. They make weaker vessels shiver in their paltry boots while drawing followers to them like flies to a jar of honey.

Harbingers are not known just for their forceful personality, but also for their ability to inspire followers to whatever end. With harbinger one can gain favor of constables and arbiters, and by boasting of their tales they can yield larger rewards for bounties and charismatically sway others to their aid.

harbinger skill uses

collect summoning horns that will call a variety kinds of creatures to your side that will protect and follow you to whatever end.(useable inventory item)

a curious mortal might find many things around him or her to examine, and some of those things might be better examined with knowleddge of harbinger.(in quick skill book, choose harbinger aptitude anf with aptitude cursor select the object you wish to examine with skill)

Summoning Horns Edit