Magic in the Staglands is based in six schools: Illumination, Linking, Transforming, Flesh, Forging and Herbology, flowing originally from the six powers of the land's capricious deities.

Spells can be cast indefinitely, however most of the spells require constant concentration. Spell schools can also be mixed and matched with no repercussions. There is no benefit in sticking just to one school of magic.

Unlike Warbook skills, all spells of the grade are instantly available for casting once the required total is met. Skill point investment increases effectiveness.

Grade 1 Spells (21 total Intelligence + Occult) Edit

Image Name School Governing Attribute
Foul creep
Foul Creep Herbology Intelligence
Blood cocoon
Blood Cocoon Herbology Occult
Festering ooze
Festering Ooze Herbology Intelligence
Heat metal
Heat Metal Forging Intelligence
Radiant stave
Radiant Stave Forging Intelligence
Fearful light
Fearful Light Illumination None
Feverish haze
Feverish Haze Flesh None
Morph into cat
Morph Into Cat Morphing Occult
Arcane shield
Arcane Shield Linking Occult
Arcane attack
Arcane Attack Forging Intelligence

Grade 2 Spells (26 total Intelligence + Occult) Edit

Image Name School Governing Attribute
Polymorph into wolf
Polymorph Into Wolf Morphing Occult
Hallucinogen Herbology Intelligence
Nauseate Flesh ?
Strangling vines
Strangling Vines Herbology Intelligence
Shimmering scales
Shimmering Scales Forging None
Physical shield
Physical Shield Forging Occult
Ethereal weapon
Ethereal Weapon Forging Intelligence
Eclipse Illumination Occult
Crippling ray
Crippling Ray Flesh Occult
Morph into fiend
Morph Into Fiend Morphing Intelligence
Morph into bats
Morph Into Bats Morphing Intelligence
Parasitic orb
Parasitic Orb Linking Intelligence
Siphon poisons
Siphon Poisons Herbology Intelligence

Grade 3 Spells (32 total Intelligence + Occult) Edit

Image Name School Governing Attribute
Greater Blood Cocoon Herbology Occult
Turn To Stone Forging Occult
Amplify Linking ?
Magic Shield Forging Occult
Searing Light Illumination None
Morph Into Zana Morphing None
Planar Jump Linking Intelligence

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