Warbook skills are different specializations in combat. Skills are automatically used and there can be three active skills at any given time. These can be switched whenever needed.

Proccing Edit

There are two kinds of skills, passive and procced. Passive skills provide their effects at all times, procced skills trigger when certain conditions are met. For example, "Procs every 4 attacks" means that the effects of the skill are applied every fourth strike when in combat.

  • First attack - The effects are applied only at the first successful attack in combat.
  • Every X attacks - The effects are applied at every X attacks.
  • On hit - The effects are applied whenever the character is hit by an enemy.
  • On combat initiating - The effects are applied straight away on initiation of combat.

Synergies Edit

There are no character classes in the Staglands, but different kinds of character builds can be achieved with different skills and equipment.

Certain combinations of skills can be very effective. For example Quick Strike grants faster attack speed at the expense of damage, but the faster attack speed results in more frequent "Every X attacks" -procs. Combined with Poison Weapon, you have a character that attacks very quickly, causing very little physical damage with every hit, but causing unblockable poison damage with each hit.

Likewise, "On hit" skills Hydra and Fortitude are less effective when combined with skills such as Agile Fighting and Reckless offense, which decrease the chance of getting hit by enemies.

Grade 1 Skills Edit

Image Name Prerequisite Procs
Quick Strike Light Weapon Passive
Bash Heavy Weapon Passive
Critical Slash Any Melee Weapon Passive
Reckless Offense No Shield Equipped Passive
Shield Mastery Shield Equipped Passive
Critical Flight Any Missile Weapon Passive
Rapid Draw Any Missile Weapon Passive
Explosive Trap Elixirs Passive
Slayer Any Weapon Passive
Assassin Any Weapon Passive
Agile Fighting Any Weapon Passive
Warcry Any Weapon First attack
Rally Any Weapon First attack
Fortify Mind Any Weapon Passive
Endure Polymorph State Polymorphed: Wolf Passive

Grade 2 Skills Edit

Image Name Prerequisite Procs
Mind Crack Whips Every 3 attacks
Seismic Swing Heavy Weapon Every 2 attacks
Staggering Thrust Any Weapon Every attack
Hydra Any Weapon On hit
Fortitude Any Weapon On hit
Pin Shot Any Missile Weapon Every 2 attacks
Split Missile Any Missile Weapon Every 3 attacks
Blinding Shield Shield Equipped Every 4 attacks
Shield Bash Shield Equipped Every 4 attacks
Fuming Unguent Elixirs First attack
Crippling Ooze Elixirs Every 3 attacks
Wolf Claws Polymorphed: Wolf Passive
Protective Prayer Any Weapon First attack
Spearhead Any Weapon On combat initiating

Grade 3 Skills Edit

Image Name Prerequisite Procs
Whirl Light Weapon Second attack, after that every 5 attacks
Concentration Any Weapon Every attack
Strafe Any Missile Weapon Every 3 attacks
Giant's Pull Any Missile Weapon Passive
Stink Trap Elixirs Every 4 attacks
Adrenaline Any Weapon Every attack
Burst of Life Any Weapon Every attack
Poison Weapon Any Weapon Every attack
Mangle Polymorphed: Wolf Every 3 attacks